Big Fake Tears

In their collaboration for Untitled & After, Morgan Packard and Robert Crouch apply their collective mastery of texture and depth to create a massive track of fragmented beats, mysterious drones and delicate ephemeral embellishments. The impact of their track “Big Fake Tears” is immediate and direct – simple, minimal beats upon a blanket of evolving sound. But closer listening reveals a spacious architecture of complexity – intimate sonic finials and shifting vantage points.

Track Listing:
  1. Big Fake Tears (Original)
  2. Big Fake Tears (Frank Bretschneider Remix)
  3. Big Fake Tears (Thomas Hildebrand Remix)
  4. Big Fake Tears (Kyoka Remix)
  5. Big Fake Tears (Groj Remix)
Morgan Packard
Untitled & After
Catalogue No.:
Untitled 21