Iron: Dragon’s Eye Sixth Anniversary

The release of Iron marks the sixth anniversary of Yann Novak relaunching Dragon’s Eye Recordings, the record label originally created by his father Paul Novak in 1989.  In previous years, this anniversary compilation has been a chance to look forward to the coming year of artists and releases. With Iron, we will be looking backward at the previous 6 years.

For Iron, artists featured on Dragon’s Eye were asked to contribute either a solo piece or a collaboration with another Dragon’s Eye artist.  The results came together as a  massive free download compilation, consisting of 24 artists, on 20 tracks and over 2 1/2 hours of sound.  The compilation came together as a perfect mix of the styles and voices featured on Dragon’s Eye over the last 6 years.

Track Listing:
  1. Luigi Turra – Aura
  2. Robert Takahashi Crouch – A Broken Field I
  3. Jamie Drouin – Trümmerfrau (improvisation 1)
  4. Yann Novak – A Broken Field II
  5. Pierre Gerard – Borderline Elements
  6. Ælab – Moving Alignment
  7. Moize – A Broken Field III
  8. i8u – Apophis
  9. Will Long – Transporting Away From Tomorrow
  10. Lucia H Chung – A Broken Field IV
  11. Mem1 – Embla
  12. Stephen Vitiello + Simon Whetham – Prayers Return
  13. Steve Peters – Solar Ring (Chamber Music 7)
  14. Will Long + Corey Fuller + Tomoyoshi Date – Walk
  15. Robert Crouch + Marc Manning – Charismatic Manifestation
  16. Sublamp – Possible Steps
  17. Ian Hawgood (feat. Warren Forrest Kroll + Sara Martin) – Grace Lines
  18. Clinker + Blake Carrington – Dust Flights, Mirror Softly and Moan
  19. Mise_en_Scene – Midrone
  20. Shinkei – An Empirical Demonstration Of The Alchymical Properties Of Metals
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