Julie Tolentino: Shatter + Center

Presented as part of the Sphæræ program, Shatter + Center was a five hour durational performance of sound and improvised movement choreographed by Julie Tolentino.  Tolentino invited cross-disciplinary artists Nick Duran, taisha paggettPigpen/Stosh Fila, Pony Lee EstrangeGeneva SkeenJohn Burtall,  and experimental sound artists Patrick Murch & Maria Garcia/MataNoise, Tamaki Ueda, William Hutson, and Nial Morgan for an afternoon to explore and move within each other’s practices, head space, bodies to and for and because of the Sphæræ.

  • Julie Tolentino
  • John Burtall
  • Nick Duran
  • Pony Lee Estrange
  • Stosh Fila (Pigpen)
  • William Hutson
  • Nial Morgan
  • Patrick Murch & Maria Garcia/MataNoise
  • taisha paggett
  • Geneva Skeen
  • Tamaki Ueda
2014 AxS Festival, produced by Fulcrum Arts
September 28, 2014