“Its visibility may wax or wane, and to the touch it may feel soft, elastic, fibrous or hard. It has the power of self-locomotion, and moves generally with a slow reptilian movement, though it is capable of moving with extreme rapidity. It is capable of both evolution and involution, and is thus a living substance. It is extremely doubtful whether it ever, even in its most perfect formations, actually loses contact with the medium and pursues an independent life, even momentarily, though such a supposition must be borne in mind as being a possibility….”

Medium was an evening of movement and sound with artist/choreographer Julie Tolentino and musicians Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner. Additional performances by Stosh Fila (Pigpen), Mark So, EJ Hill, and Nick Duran.

  • Faith Coloccia
  • Julie Tolentino
  • Aaron Turner
  • Nick Duran
  • Stosh Fila
  • EJ Hill
  • Mark So
Night Gallery
October 17, 2013