I recently had the honor of composing sound for Julie Tolentino‘s solo exhibition, REPEATER, at Commonwealth & Council. She and I will continue this project later in December at Performance Space in NY.

I am also going on a brief tour with Yann Novak and Ian Wellman.

11.14 @ Chapel Performance Space, Seattle, WA †
11.15 @ PICA, Portland, OR ‡  — Buy Tickets
11.16 @ LAND AND SEA, Oakland, CA †
11.20 @ Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA † §

All with Yann Novak
‡ with Marcus Fischer
† with Ian Wellman
§ with Byron Westbrook

For this tour we offset the carbon emissions from our flights through Cool Effect.

Yann and I also have a collaborative installation up now through January 17, 2020 at the Downtown Berkeley BART Plaza.