Untitled 17

Untitled 17 collects five very diverse remixes of Robert Crouch’s past releases on Untitled & After. Each track pushes and pulls at Crouch’s rhythmic and textural explorations. Each artist extracts Crouch’s key elements of subdued beats, deep drones and field recordings and expands them as their own. Untitled 17 is like a magnifying glass held up to all the intricate details of Crouch’s music, blowing them up into bold, focused, aggressive statements.

Track Listing:
  1. 5th of July (Morgan Packard Remix)
  2. Indian Summer (Birdcage Remix)
  3. Malibu (Silencefiction Remix)
  4. Everything Is Forgiven (Yellowcake Remix)
  5. Malibu (Kyoka Remix)
Untitled & After
Catalogue No.:
Untitled 17